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Hello Daisy,

I guess the first thing you have to do is, ask yourself, is Partner A worth having around, even if they don't contribute much in the way of work or money. What qualities does Partner A have that do make them worth having around? Do those qualities make up for their lack of ambition? This is something you have to decide. Because I don't think Partner A is going to change. They are always going to be lazy (with an income to match).

If you do decide that A is worth having around, then I suppose your next move is to sit down with A and say to them, "Honey, I want very much to take you on fancy trips with me, it's just that I can't afford it yet. And, B can't afford to splurge on us both. Can I ask, would you be willing to just hang in there for a couple of years? because after I get done with school, then I'll start making more money, and you and I can start going on trips together."

If A is worth it. You decide.
Kevin T.
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