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Thank you everyone for putting this into perspective!

Well I didnít directly ask B if theyíd pay for A to come along... I said something like, A mentioned feeling envious of the trips and might like to come along on our next one. And I donít agree with mooching either. I am working hard for my degree and know it will pay off. And when I am on trips with B, I often pay for meals or activities to even it out a bit. I know they donít make all that much either...

And I guess Iím a way I am starting to become fearful of the future and slightly annoyed that myself and B will likely be the ďbreadwinnersĒ.
I love A very much, but for lack of a better word, they are a bit lazy. They donít clean very much and create more than half of the mess in the home (B is kind of a neat freak and ends up cleaning after A, which I also feel bad for and try to help).

I just donít know what to do. We were engaged before B came along, but now Iím wondering if marrying A is the right move. If I have children with both partner A and B, I worry that myself and B will become solely responsible for providing for them, and possibly only B if I canít work during pregnancy or illness.

I hate letting money become a factor in my relationships. Thank you for your help everyone. Iíll try to not let Partner Aís moods let me feel guilty.
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