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Originally Posted by Magdlyn View Post
Yes. I was grateful for a 2 month break . . . I need coping skills. So I thought I'd come here to get some perspective.
Oh, I hope don't think I was criticizing you! I'm glad you wanted some perspective - that was what I was attempting to give you with one possible way to look at the situation. Others will have a different take on it. I have a feeling that, if you hadn't also had to deal with a bunch of illnesses, a flood, family stuff, and so on, you might not have seen Ginger's dating life as "constant," a series of dramas, and so exhausting for you.

Anyway, if we all keep offering what we see, hopefully someone's views might click with you and suddenly help shift your viewpoint, and thought processes as well. I really think there's a mindset we need to cultivate when things get tough!
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