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Speaking of miss p, she finds this constant dating of Ginger's kind of exasperating too. I dunno, it almost makes him seem shallow, and almost a NRE junky. Though he claims to dislike NRE, he still seems to be in it a lot!
Could be an element of this also. NRE wears off in 6 mos -2 years. I see from your signature line that you guys have been together 2 years. You are moving into a new post-dating groove and if he's after the NRE hit... then yeah. More "power" dating for him.

That doesn't have to mean you are "less than" though -- you want X partners and he wants Y. This talk of you being one "pussy in the pussy parade" is he saying that? Or you?

If you, could not talk about yourself that way. This situation is hard and frustrating enough without that layer of extra ugh

If it is that you are poly and want X number of partners and he is poly and wants to experience Y number of partners -- you do have to determine if that's something you can become ok with or not.

But personal preferences like that isn't about your VALUE. You are a valuable person just as you are.

Hang in there!

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