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Originally Posted by Magdlyn View Post
Speaking of miss p, she finds this constant dating of Ginger's kind of exasperating too.
"Constant dating?"

Originally Posted by Magdlyn View Post
Since last June, my bf Ginger has dated or attempted to date one man and four women. The guy and one woman-- those relationships didnt get off the ground. They IMed a lot, but he never ultimately dated the guy, and the other woman was unappealing in person. Shortly after that he took up with Mischa and then, with a slight overlap, with The Buddhist. He saw both of them 3 or 4 times, had some sexy time, much drama, emotions, HSV concerns, and then the relationships ended.

We had a 2 month break, and now he's taken up with one of the woman from his drum and dance community. It's been a week since she started IMing him and hitting on him and they've gone from being mere acquaintances to "romantic and affectionate," on FB chat. They met at an event since then, but were limited to burning gazes across a crowded room.
So, in the timespan of about ten months:
  • one relationship Ginger had hoped for never happened after IM'ing for a while.

  • one potential didn't go anywhere because he wasn't attracted to her when they met in person.

  • Ginger and Mischa communicated online for months before meeting for the first time, and then in your blog it sounded like it took almost two months just trying to schedule a second date with her because she was so busy (and that ended up being mostly cuddling and crying over her herpes diagnosis). Then it was a few more months before they got together again, wasn't it? So, they only got together about 3 times over several months and it eventually fizzled out.

  • He and The Buddhist (whom you called "greedy" and "promiscuous" for wanting to date Ginger and two other guys, hmmm - would you call me that if I wind up dating three men?) had four dates over the course of about a month and then she broke up with him.

  • A woman at his dance circle has recently expressed interest and they have had flirty chats and dancing, but have not been physical.

Mags, darlin', if someone new came here and complained about their partner's "constant dating" and the above is how they outlined their partner's dating life, would you actually agree with them? Do you honestly see that as "constant dating?"
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