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that's a much more explicit way of explaining how I deal with my hubby too.

I may send the same message-but not in a way that allows (or forces) him to see who it came from.

I almost NEVER hit forward-like you were saying-for ANYTHING to anyone.
I almost always copy/paste it and put it in a new email and send it on that way.

Also-I get what you are saying about saying it in a way it's meaningful in terms of the relationship you have with each of them. That is also true for me. The only major difference is that since we do live together there are many issues (especially threads on here) that I will send to both of them together on purpose so that they both will read it and the three of us can talk about it-because while we do not all 3 share a sexual relationship-we do all live together and raise our family together, so many day to day lives are pertinent to all three of us.

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