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For me-If I send a forward to both my men, I have also sent it (most likely) on to my sister. (cute, lovey dovey, friendly type)


it was intended to be a message that would be helpful to OUR V relationship.

IF I'm sending a message that is "I love you and you mean so much to me..."
then EVEN if I have the same BASIC feeling for both-I will actually send two messages. Because they EACH need to know I love them INDIVIDUALLY.

I don't think it's "rude" for him to share with you a loving cute forward that he recieved, regardless of who he recieved it from. In a way (while I do understand why it might bug you) I think it's sort of endearing that he thinks of you when he recieves these messages from her....

I think that it's also VERY important that he remember to send you messages he writes himself that are for you individually-BUT I also think it will be helpful if you don't ask things that you might not want to know..

Example: my husband doesn't want to know if I got a sexy, sweet, loving message from my BF that I then forwarded to him. So he doesn't ask WHERE I got it. He focuses on the fact that it made me think of him and I sent it to him. I'm also smart enough to be sure that there isn't anything notated in it that would suggest WHERE it came from-regardless of who sent it to me.

He KNOWS I have a boyfriend (we all live together) and he KNOWS we are intimate and we have a boundary list. But he's not comfortable with hearing or seeing the details of our sexuality-that's ok, he's not bi-(nor is bf) so there is no need for them to be TOGETHER in that if they don't want to. BUT if he doens't want to hear, he can't ask questions that may have that for an answer either... because then he puts me in a bind-our relationship needs to be built on honesty and truth, but also on respect of needs/feelings. Putting me in a position to have to choose WHICH (truth or respect of his need to not hear about it) by ASKING a question that would require either a lie-or him to hear about what he doesn't wnat to hear about, he's setting me up in a very unfair way...

Did that make sense?
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