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Originally Posted by HotPepper View Post
I'm the odd one out yet again! LOL

I think I have conformed for too long, and while pulling my finger out of the dyke I got a flood when I expected a trickle. Coming to terms with being poly was a big step to my personal liberation ('big' maybe because it is my first serious attempt at casting off the yoke?).

But I think I understand what you both are saying - it's a process and this is just one step.
I'm with you here. Definitely liberating. For msyelf at least. Finally coming to terms with who I really was. For 18 years, not really understanding what i was feeling. thinking I was just weird for having such thoughts.

Unlike a lot of people, I'm free to be out to who I feel I want to be out to, too. As quite a free person as it is, that generally just means as soon as it comes into conversation. =P But I certainly understand there are some people who would not, over the possibilities of losing careers and family [both emotionally, and legally]. I don't have either of those worries just yet.

But yes, a whole load off my shoulders. Now I can relax, knowing that this is who I am, and that is ok. =]
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