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Seems to me odd that it appears to be easy to cheat and hurt someone without thinking whatsoever about the consequences and then when considering coming out as poly to the spouse suddenly its oh so important to follow every step and take it very very slowy just not to cause any hurt...?

Surely if people would be so considerate and honest to their partner in the first place....than cheating would not be necessary?

In my view this long drawn out approach of coming out may cause in the long run more pain rather than less...

I had cheated before and felt that being honest to myself and my husband about that I could not be monogamous for anyone was easier than continue cheating...Therefore one day I just came out....and told the truth...a lot of discussions, arguments, tears followed but it was worth it...for me...I owed it to myself....I do not get another life....and I wanted to live a polyamous life with the person I loved most my husband...luckily in the end he understood and heard me properly and did not feel threatened....
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