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I agree with all that, Magdlyn. I'm just saying that I haven't met anyone who wants to fuck EVERYONE of a certain gender-assignment or lack thereof. Unless - and this is going out on a limb - there is a fetish. Do we know anyone who has a "fetish" for males or females? Well, even if we DO, I refuse to subscribe that the word "bisexual" implies that someone has a "fetish for males and females".

I venture to say (that is, I have no proof or experiences to back this up, so will the oppression-and-marginalization police please go easy on me this time?) that if someone were attracted to/interested in a person who is trans-gendered, and then they become disinterested because that person is pre-op or living a double life, that there are other factors at work of which speculation is beyond the scope of this thread. Issues including but not limited to: self-loathing, social programming, life-goals and expectations, and so on.

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If a self-proclaimed bisexual woman, is attracted to males who cross dress, but not 'transgendered' people, does that render a changing of the label ? Or not ?

So back to this question, I would have to say "no", if only for the fact that there are far fewer "trans" gendered people than there are "non-trans" gendered people. Statistically, if a given bisexual person met enough TG people, they would eventually be attracted to one. Of course, I have no personal experience to draw on. I consider myself "bisexual", and I have been attracted to trans-gendered individuals at some point in my life. That does not make me feel compelled to say that I am "pansexual".

Once again, I think it is much ado about nothing.

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