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Feeling so so, we've had guests at the house for two weeks now and I am thoroughly peopled out. N, A, roomie and the two guests are off to have a cosplay photo shoot at some gardens and have a picnic. If it weren't for the fact that I have kids to watch today I would SO go. I might be peopled out but i always enjoy stuff like with friends and I can always wander off on my own if it got too much. But I am kind of bummed out i can't go.

On a good note N got a job and just went to take the piss test today! He SO needed this, even if it IS the death trap known as Wal-Mart, it's better than nothing and gets him out of house cleaning.

A is starting to get VERY hard headed lately. She and N got out of sorts last night about chargers disappearing and it turned from A wanting her charger from the bedside where N needed it to N demanding that she take one from a bag of spares we have and A just outright refusing and being a hard head. I think it's more the stress of constant guests than anything.

Hoping everything calms down in about a week. Everyone will be gone and we can relax and start preparing for the next anime convention in Georgia. From a house full of guests to a hotel room full of people....yay.
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