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Default the story continues

Apparently I accidentally got banned, and my blog thread was deleted because it is nowhere to be found.

but I'm back! yayness!

okay, so here are the updates:

- Five and I went to mediation and actually came to an agreement on almost everything. Where I am not being taken advantage of in any way. I know, incredible right? I think he figured out that he couldn't really pull anything in front of the mediator - he's not that skilled of a manipulator, he can only do it in the context of his own family dynamics, and then he hardly even realizes he's doing it.

- I realized I'm only attracted to people with whom I have a relationship with a high degree of dramatic tension. I also realized that this is just how I am, and there's nothing wrong with it. It also explains why I am mainly attracted to men, because I simply do not have high-drama relationships with women. Not the interesting kind of drama anyways. But this is why steady, stable monogamy is not for me.

- Four and his girlfriend have been going out of their way to invite me to do stuff with them. That makes me happy.

- Most of my romantic/sexual excitement has been coming from fictional characters. And I realized that, too, is okay. ^__^
Independent polyperson seeking friendships, in which physical intimacy may or may not develop.

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