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Default An Update

Hi Everyone,

Sorry I've been gone for so long; things have been pretty hectic and crazy around here.

So this is an update to the thread you can find in the new to poly forum, but i figured i'd put it in here since it's kindof off topic but still on topic? If that makes any sense.

Old thread is here

Alright, so since June a lot of stuff has happened. I have had very little to no contact with S, and he's started dating someone who happens to be a friend of my wife's... Interesting... we had initially thought that that relationship wouldn't last more than a few weeks simply because of what we know about him and what we know about her, but AFAIK they're still together. Great, more power to them, and if they're happy, cool.

L and I have been really working on our relationship and our marriage, and things have started to get better. We still have some bumps in the road, of course, but things are way way better than they were at the end of my relationship with S. L continues her relationship with her other partner, who is in a different city for the summer due to school and job, etc. They see each other when they can.

I have recently started dating a man that I've known for about 2 years, give or take. He's about a year and a half younger than i am, really laid back, understands the situation, desperately wants everything open and on the table (not like S, who was willing to hide things to get his way). The three of us have been doing a lot of stuff together, and L loves him. She wanted to know why we weren't dating 6 months ago (he used to drunk text me fairly often, and I've known that he was interested for a while, but i didn't think of him as more than a friend, etc.)... So we're trying it. For the moment, everyone feels good and it's working, and things are moving along really well. We'll see what happens.

I'm sure i'll be around more often now that school is about to start again... =)

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