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Originally Posted by SchrodingersCat View Post
You can only inject one spermatozoon into an egg, then the egg goes into lock-down mode. But you could put the eggs into a sea of sperm from both men and let them duke it out.

Is it your own inability to conceive that requires you to consider IVF? Or the desire to have both men as fathers to the child without really "knowing" which one is biological? You could accomplish that the old-fashioned way.

Have you considered adoption? Plenty of kids need good homes, and that would eliminate the possibility of any father ever laying more "claim" to the child than the other.
No or maybe still capable of pregnancy at a far lower chance with age and would then require a reversal of tube clamping, however I know the procedures of the IVF sperm to egg. Rather I guess I should have been somewhat more clear in my query. It is we all desire children and I have had 3 grown as i started at 16 ended at 23. But we were more curious of ...Lets say I have the eggs knowingly fertilized by both men separately of course but say 4 implanted 2 of each mans ,as we will be going the way of the already checked for everything once sperm an egg take in laymans terms. Thus implanting choice as I have one adult special needs child I'd rather not tempt fate being older nor bring a child into this world under such cruel manners. For the record regardless of how far advanced we as human beings THINK we have evolved from prejudices having raised a child with a disadvantage is like waging war with the world still ... Also goes for race as well as it was no picnic for them canadian or not as here our racism and other prejudices are clandestine lest ur the one that is the target, u dont necessarily see or hear of things like racism or classism here!
That rant said I'd love the old fashion lets see who caught me way but it's extremely improbable a way thru a decision quick on ages heels lol! So hence the question anyone know can u ,as in I assume it being us paying its our decision but has anyone or do they know of anyone having gone and tried this way?
Yes we discussed surrogates but laws from US/UK/Canada all are little known to most ...Say birth mother is legally and always mother even tho' oddly there is not one drop of dna carried by that mother over to that child she gives birth to!!! Odd law right... so that is a big NOPE too! Adoption,hmmmmm thot of yep but they are younger want their own!!! Understandably so! However it's been thoroughly agreed upon if nothing comes of a treatment no more money shall be put out as my already children an hahahaha grand child are theres by proxy if u will lol! They aren't we puppies just not way over the 40 mark, me in 40's , so u can see time be of thee essence!! It was just an odd curious thot to A. saave money lol and B. hasen the pace but two separate invetroes isnt out and we have broached the question of whose is it? Well got it covered till I die no dna test so treated equally by both men. And just to tickle the mind here one is caucasian the other black and me I am
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