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Calling DCF is a tactic that lots of abusers use. My bff's ex used it, telling them she smoked pot and conveniently leaving out the fact that they smoked it together and that he was the one who would purchase it. She turned it on its head though, telling them that how much she's struggling to be a single parent, three kids, with no financial support from their father. She admitted that she doesn't always know how to discipline her kids when they don't listen, and asked them for help. So instead of walking away thinking she's a druggie bad parent, they got her help and resources to improve her parenting.

Ultimately, people who go into these jobs just want kids to have a good life. They're not out to get you and they're not on a mission to take all kids away from their parents. My understanding is that if you work with them and appeal to their "helping people" nature, you're far more likely to come out ahead than if you look at it as a battle between you and the agency.
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