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Originally Posted by Sociopath View Post
It would be A solution, but one that has, as of yet, not been come by.
Originally Posted by Sociopath View Post
[b]How does it make you a cry-baby to circumvent obstacles, in stead of to complain about them?
Alright, lets break this down. You say that equal marriage rights are one solution to being able to be with a loved one when they're dying. You then dismiss that solution by saying it has "not been come by". Except that it has, since gay marriage now legally exists in a number of US States and other countries. Those places have solved the problem, and in every case it happened because people fought for it. So, if it's a solution, and it's one that can and has worked, then fighting for that solution does, indeed, circumvent the problem and is not just "complaining".

Also, for the record, I wasn't calling anyone a cry baby, I was restating what I perceived your argument to be in order to point out the absurdity of it, thus setting up my next statement in which I called you out as a troll. Was that really not clear?
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