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Originally Posted by Ceoli View Post
Actually there are some new studies that link HPV to throat cancer in men and also to lung cancer. This might be why there's more energy going towards actually regarding men's role in the spread of the virus, but that's more of a feminist rant I have about the medical system in general.
Yes, but very rare and almost certainly bi- and gay men.

EDIT: This is probably incorrect, though there's no real explanation for why the same increase does not seem to be seen in women (or if it is, it's not in the studies I saw). The studies showing the connection to oral sex are linking these cancers to so many other factors at the same time that it's really difficult to take much away from them. The number of cases that aren't complicated by other factors, like smoking, may be too few to conclude too much right now. The safest thing to do is to get regular dental exams so that any changes in the mouth can be monitored just like with PAP smears.

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