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Originally Posted by Ceoli View Post
HA! Not quite. When I talked about getting it by touching things, it was more about when the virus shows up orally.
Those "things" are almost certainly mucus membranes of infected humans. The actual oral cancers are rare, but the oral spread is probably pretty common.

Originally Posted by Ceoli View Post
You can pick up the virus just by touching something that's been touched by someone with the virus.
Let's lay this to rest, too. IF you picked up the virus by touching "something," you would then have to relatively immediately touch your own mouth or genitals to "get" this.

Ceoli - I am not at all arguing with you. You and I, as far as I can tell, are both single poly women and, if that's true, I can only feel the greatest affection for you. I really appreciate your points because you are allowing this dialog to take place where others can see it and maybe it's helpful to them. Thank you. Really.

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