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Default Central Ohio Couple

Hi All,

We're a professional couple in central Ohio. Both professional and fairly laid-back. I'm 40, he's 38. Began having an open marriage about 18 months ago. Unsurprisingly, I (the female half) found someone immediately (though that relationship didn't take) and found another someone soon thereafter. (I do wonder, why was dating so much harder back when I was single?! Seriously, I didn't meet my husband till I was in my 30s, and before that it had been a bleak dating landscape.)
At any rate, we're still looking for someone else he can connect with the way I've connected with my boyfriend. (He's married, too, and we found one another only because I'm good friends with his wife and risked coming out to her. Funnily enough, she came out right back, and was eager to set me up with her husband!)
He would love to find a woman who is open to dating someone who is married. She can be married, too, of course! Or dating someone else, or as many someone elses as she likes! Not looking for a 3rd to move in or take care of our kids or sleep with the both of us or any other kind of mystical-unicorn quality. Just an intelligent woman who'd be open to going out with a guy who happens to be married.
Interested? Have advice? Just wanna chat? Drop me a line. Thanks!
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