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I have a question for you. I know that it varies between situations. But considering that your husband now has a girlfriend and you two are working toward the poly life what has been the feelings toward you having boyfriend. How does he feel about that. How do you feel about that? Are you open to relationships outside your marriage? Does he feel like he could handle it if you were to do this or does it even matter because it is not an issue with you.

I know with my husband while he is living poly and I am living mono he has expressed great jealousy and uncertainty if I were to find someone else. I sometimes feel a little unfair about that but I am not going to push it right now while it isn't an issue for me. I am not interested in anyone nor am I interested in finding someone. I am still working through my trust problems with one man. I am personally not ready to even think about trying to hold up a relationship with another person. But I know it is a subject that would be hard to have with DH right now because of all the lying he did. He is scared at the moment I would leave him completely if I tried the poly life before we had a chance to rebuild my trust in him.

So basically I am wondering where you and your DH stand with this or if you have even had this discussion?
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