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Hey, Peabean, thanks for your post. I have started reading some of your past posts because of you writing in here. It's great for someone like me, stumbling into a situation that I might as well call a triad, to read the stories of those who have gone this path before.

And NYCindie, thanks for the response. I sometimes feel defensive about this whole "triad" thing, mostly because of the vibe you describe. I CERTAINLY wasn't looking for it. (Since when is my monogamous wife interested in another person? Since when is my very straight wife interested in a woman? What alternate universe am I part of, right now?! and how could I not have known how happy we could all be?) But with all the questions, comments, pronouncements, and such, I start second-guessing what feels to me to be pretty normal and relaxed. It's nice to read your clarifications about what pushes people's buttons... thank you.
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