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Originally Posted by peabean View Post
Much in the ways that bisexuals are not accepted in the gay community, triads seem to lack acceptance in the poly community.
Oh, no, it's not that triads as a configuration are not accepted - it's just the unicorn hunters that get the most shit flung their way because they come with a list of demands and want/expect their dream bi babe to fulfill all their hopes and wishes. And because it does seem that many triads do blow up in the faces of people who purposely sought out someone to fit into the role of "third," that polyfolk will caution those who look for it and bust chops. And then of course there are the very sad but laughable situations where a triad is pursued by a straight MF couple only because the male can't handle the idea of his straight female partner being with another guy, so he makes it a rule that she has to be with a woman, and she does it to make him happy even though she's not attracted sexually to women, or it's the new chick who goes along with having sex with the guy's bi female partner, even though she's straight, just because that's the only way she can be with him. These are pitiful stories we see here again and again.

It's the prescribing of a triad to help a marriage or fill a perceived lack, or whatever, that is pooh-poohed, NOT a triad in and of itself!

Hell yeah, if you are happy and in a triad that came together organically, that is a true success story and we can celebrate it and applaud you for it! Happy for you, Peabean, truly!
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