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Originally Posted by Murasaki View Post
Oh and what Nycindie said, what is the success rate for people who “stumble” into a triad situation versus the previously described stereotype?
I'll hazard a guess that the majority of those nine, or even all, are accidental triads. I have never known a Unicorn Hunting couple to find someone for longer than a few months.

People new to Poly, when the wife only recently comes out as bisexual often think they invented the idea of a triad and naively start looking without researching how feasible it is. I have a statistic from my Polygamy/Poly-fi site where I hang around, we have thousands of members now. I did a poll of
couples just between the ages of 20-50 on the site, 50% (almost exactly) were looking for a Unicorn. I did the same with the singles, only 10% were looking to be one.

Couples do not realise how unlikely it is to happen.
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