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Why do I keep giving him more and more chances? So I mentioned last week that the comment Peaseblossum made left me visibly upset and Primal told me that he was going to spend the whole weekend with me because he had promised it.

Well guess what he did last night? Ended up going home with her because she asked him to.

And what am I thinking of doing rather than just ending things with him and moving out? Giving him one last fucking chance. Basically since he lied to me and pushed me aside (for probably the 6 or 7 time since we've been dating) for her I'm making it clear that next Saturday (when he was going to take us both to an event) after the event I want the time with him and for it to be just the two of us because I need him to actually show me that he gives a flying fuck about this relationship and what he tells me he's going to do.

If he doesn't then I'm finally going to grow my own balls and break up with him, move out, and stop spending time anywhere I may see him until I'm no longer in love with him.
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