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There are several reasons that I am not ready to walk away from Abe. The biggest for me is that, this is the first time that he has actually broken a promise to me in the 6 and half years we've been together. It's the first time that I have ever felt I couldn't trust him completely. He has never 'cheated' in any sense till last week, and has never lied to me about anything. We have a lot of history, and have been through a lot together, and several times it was just us against the world, and that's hard to just walk away from. Last week they both broke the promise they had made and he is still the only one who has talked to me about it. And I can't help but give him a lot more credit than I can her because though they did it, and he was late in telling me, he did tell me. She still hasn't said a word about any of this to me. She only talks to Abe about her feelings for him, and tells him repeatedly that she just wants to be part of our relationship, with both of us. She tells him she doesn't want to hurt me and she doesn't want me to leave, and that she doesn't want to be hurt either. Abe is desperate to 'keep the peace' with no more tears shed (I've been crying a lot lately) and that why he wants me to 'lie' to her and just pretend everything is fine, and not confront her for her part in this, he doesn't want her hurt either.
I admit that right now, I couldn't care less about whether or not I hurt her, but I don't want to hurt him. And I know that logically that is probably because of the 'other woman' aspect to it all, and that's why I haven't yet said anything to her. But am I wrong for not really feeling like she is my friend?
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