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Dating the landlord is a sticky wicket.

About 2 months ago I had agreed that Abe and K could have a physical relationship but that I wasn't ready for them to start dating yet.
What does that mean? They can share sex but not have emotions?

I don't think you guys understand your polymath tiers there. You can be honest RIGHT NOW.

Feelings are just feelings -- they blow on through. Although your thing is a "V" it reminds me of this thread. I'd reply the same to you -- you guys could talk in trio about how you want to to be together.

There's nothing wrong with being honest. You can be honest and present your information in a non-violent communication kind of way. I do not see what he fears. What does he fear?

You are not going to learn emotional management as a "V" trio by avoiding dealing with yucky emotion when it should happen to pop up.


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