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I was never good at monogamy. I never cheated, but I wasn't happy. I constantly felt guilty for being attracted to people outside of my relationship and it was crappy. I hate the idea of having to 'choose' because if multiple things made me happy why is that a bad thing?

And then after I broke up with my last mono-partner, I took up yoga because he became irate and it was stressing me out. During my meditation I realized that I didn't want to treat anyone like an object to own or to possess. Love is a gift, a gift to give and a gift to receive. And the second you start putting requirements and limitations on it, then its no longer a gift. And I dont want to be the imprisonment for someones love, whether that love last a lifetime or an hour.

I thought about his a whole lot, and I put myself in a bunch of hypothetical scenarios and I came the conclusion that I couldn't go back to monogamy. I talked to my sister about it because she is also Poly and got her take on it. And I decided that if I met someone that this was going to be something I needed.

Thankfully my next serious partner was someone ive known for a good chunk of my life and we have dated on and off for a while and we was very supportive of my choice, especially given out LDR status, he appreciated that I wasn't expecting celibacy from him. And then when I met Lion, he is friends with my sister, we have similar ideas on what we want from a relationship.

It can be hard, but constant communication and enthusiastic consent are major frameworks of both my relationships, and I couldn't be happier.
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