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Other is what I selected. Two things happened to me that let me down this path.

From the negative perspective, how I dealt with an affair in my marriage, acceptance, opening things up sexually, led me to not being threatened or jealous if this were to happen. I literally surrendered to the fact that monogamy is not a workable scenario.

From the positive side. Through surrendering all negativity around this affair and any judgement of my spouse or myself, lots of love flowed into my live. One of these loves, while not sexual, made me realize that it was very easy to love more than just my spouse and not have it diminish any of my love for my wife.

At this point, I feel 100% poly, emotionally and philosophically. Yet, I am just starting to implement the principles. Fortunately, my wife is along for the ride, and is accepting of me and sees value in the principles.
Me - M55
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Opening up and trusting the process.
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