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Default the mono agenda

I was in a discussion where by it came up that mono people have to be watched because of their agenda when entering into a poly relationship. They could be someone who says they get poly and are okay with the fact that their new boy friend has a wife, but then it turns out that they actually do want that boyfriend to be for them and are surprised that he doesn't want to leave his wife.

Is this a common understanding? A common way of looking at mono people? Is there not an agenda that we all have because we would like to have relationships that work for us? How is it different if a mono feel s like that? They too advocate for their needs. Why is it different?

What of people who actually decide to leave all partners to be in a mono relationship... they sometimes come back to their poly ways swearing they will never do that again. Can someone decide to be monogamous for a mono love and that be that? back to mainstream mono land forever? Or is this just not possible?
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