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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
That is all well and good, and I am glad you have what you want with him again, BUT how does he intend to address the fact that Lamian lets her emotions dictate how YOU can be in YOUR relationship with him? What's going to happen the next time she gets a bug up her ass and all pouty about something? Is he going to stand up to her and defend his relationship with you or let her walk all over what you two have again? I think this is the biggest problem - she is a dictator and he puts her needs before his own.
Guess we might find out. Even though she had said it was fine if we were by ourselves of us having our dynamic today while Seven was at work Lamian decided it wasn't good.

So I'm going to make it clear to Seven that something needs to change (by the end of the month or at the least have made significant progress towards it) if he wants me in his life. I'm going to state that either we need to be able to have our dynamic (and allow me to be able to be affectionate towards him if she's home) or I need a guarantee that I will get a day during a week AND a day on the weekend each week to spend with him. Right now I'm not being treated as a secondary or even a tertiary. I'm nothing more than a toy in her eyes and I'm done.
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