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Finally starting to feel less "OMG tired" from Gen Con so I feel like I can type about it/things I've learned from it.

Got to Indianapolis around 6ish when you add in the time change Wednesday. Got badges/event tickets and a friend who was working the con (one of MANY working the con) gave us a sneak 10 min peek to the dealers room.

Went to the hotel and crashed. Don't remember eating that day.

Thursday started gaming. Had a mini panic attack the first time I was in the dealer room with everybody due to the mass number of people. Got to play some fun games like Munchkin Expanded (Munchkin with ALL the expansions) and Zombie!!! Zoo.

Friday I played a random RPG called Slasher Flick and a few other things I can't remember off the top of my head. Had second breakdown (one of the things I've learned).

Saturday I again don't remember what I played (I played a LOT of games) and made a bracelet. It has beads to represent me, Woodsmith, and Seven with a heart inbetween the beads for me and Woodsmith and me and Seven.

I also bought myself a dragon to sit around my neck (Seven's spot) with armor to protect me. It's my own little symbol of him.

The two things I've learned.

1) I truly am a gamer. When I was in high school and college "gamers" only played computer/consule games. So when I started playing games I thought it was just cause I wanted to be around the people playing them. Totally not the case.

2) I need to keep myself busy in a place like that. If I stop being active then I kinda start getting really lonely. Woodsmith isn't a gamer (something he learned) and he really has no interest doing the games there (he'd rather do the seminars/costume/spousal stuff). Everyone else works. So I just go into my own little sad spot.
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