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Nalena-without getting into details.
No man-NO MAN ON EARTH is going to walk into my house and hurt anyone. ANYONE.

I understand why someone whose lived in an abusive relationship for so long could have doubts-BELIEVE ME I get it.
But I'm not kidding-any of hte 5 adults in this house would simply pick up the rifle and resolve the whole business.

Coming here may or may not be the answer. But continuing to allow yourself to be abused is not only hurting you AND it's teaching your daughter that it's ok to allow yourself to be abused-so you will be looking forward to son-in-law who does the same, to your baby..........

Keep your head up-or pick your head up. Stop letting yourself wallow in self-pity. EVERY situation in life can be changed-we jsut have to DECIDE to take a chance.
Watch the movie Kate and Leopold OVER AND OVER until you have the balls to jump off the bridge my dear! (bridge is a movie reference not a jerk).
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