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Originally Posted by crobin007 View Post
. . . everything was going really good, until I found out they got married . . . I got really upset because he spent 5 years with me and told me almost everyday he did not believe in marriage.

. . . He says that he wants me to move as well for the sake of our child and that he still loves me and wishes that I would give the triad idea a chance.
Ugh, I can't tell you how many times in my life someone I had fallen for who said he never wanted to get married, went and married someone else. Then I would realize he just didn't want to marry me! So frustrating [sigh] but I also think it's indicative of a person who cannot be honest with himself or anyone else, and who enjoys drama. I mean, really, who the fuck hides the fact that they got married? That's something out of a soap opera!

I think you need to get over him as best you can and move on. Protect your child, protect yourself, and tell him it's over.
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