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Default My story is similar to the some of yours....

I posted the beginning of my story last January, after I found out my boyfriend of 5 years, the father of my child, had left me for someone else. He wanted to explore the possibility of a triad. I loved him so much, I wanted to try it out as well. She rejected me at first because of the deep emotions that him and I had shared through the years. So, I just kept loving him, thinking that if I loved him enough he would come home.

However, he never did. He stayed with her and they got married on 10-10-10, which happened to be the same day that we were going to get married. This whole year he has been trying to introduce the idea of a triad relationship with both her and I. After they got married (but before they told me they did get married) I finally met her and she is really nice. I liked her a lot- despite her breaking up my family, essentially. We spent about two weeks communicating and everything was going really good, until I found out they got married. Now you have to understand I got really upset because he spent 5 years with me and told me almost everyday he did not believe in marriage.

So, now he is married. He is moving across country and bringing his new wife with him. He says that he wants me to move as well for the sake of our child and that he still loves me and wishes that I would give the triad idea a chance. What do I have to lose? I explained to him that I would lose my job, my friends, my family. What would I even tell them? They would not be accepting whatsoever with that decision. I am just so confused.

Do I really give this a chance? Or do I move on in hopes to find someone else that will love me and only me? I am still madly deeply in love with this man. BTW, we are all 31 years old-- not that it matters but who knows it might. Please help. I am so confused.
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