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Take a deep breath. Imagine that you came home tomorrow and your husband was bouncing up and down with joy about something other than you. How would you feel? I'm guessing pretty good.

One of the great parts of relationships is sharing in the joy of your SO. My husband is a sports fanatic, and in the past we have argued about his commitment to sports. However, the thing that helped me most in developing a supportive attitude was seeing how happy my husband was when he won a game. When he gets home he dances around the room and cheers and carries me around... It's really a great time.

The last thing I would want is for him to come home feeling or acting guilty for something I am ok with him doing. Things and people besides me should make him happy, and I am a beneficiary of that happiness. Your husband may see this in a similar way.

You don't have to share the play by play details with your husband but do share your happiness with him. It's really nice to see the positive effect your choices have made on your partner.

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