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Well, it seems Punk isn't working this week. He is a builder/contractor and work can be odd hours and sporadic. He has work lined up for next week.

So since he was off yesterday, we spent a couple hours texting. Finally he came over and we did a little road trip together. We were out about 3 1/2 hours. It was so fun! It is pretty cool to see he is interested in a real relationship. He has told me I am just as much fun vertically as horizontally. He said the road trip was great for him too, since we have so much to learn about each other. He likes me, he really likes me!

He loves to talk, and hear my stories too. Talking to him is so fun, just as fun as the sex. (Well... almost. Sex is my favorite hobby after all. And Punk is so amazing in that arena.) We can talk about poetry, authors, religion, music, art movements, math, science, about past relationships and other friends we care about, be silly and jokey, be flirty and talk about sexual and kink preferences, conversation just ranges all over. He is so brilliant and clear on his views, a feminist too, and compassionate.

To look at, he is my height, with a solid muscular body, and naturally coal black thick wavy hair, longer on top, shorter on the sides. Enough to grab onto in bed when I need to hold onto something for dear life. Black goatee, too. Friendly frequent smiles and grins, a little devilish looking.

When we got home, miss pixi was just getting breaded chicken into the oven, so Punk and I repaired to the bedroom for sexy time. Awesome. A flogger was involved. Miss pixi didn't mind in the least, as she'd actually gotten dinner into the oven late because she'd been messaging with HER bf and lost track of time. lol. She is really happy for me that Punk is as interested as he is, in getting to know me, hanging out, etc. This is really unexpected and serendipitous! And delicious!

We met a friend of Punk's on our road trip, who has a jam band. Punk basically invited me to go see their band with him the next time they play. He said, "Since I know it's the kind of music you like." They have a regular once a month gig. The next gig is on Halloween though, and I have a party to go to already. We will see if this thing with Punk keeps working out, and we do end up going to that next gig in a month.

Here I thought I had something similar building with Hippie, as he seemed interested in sex plus kink, since our chemistry seemed perfect, plus doing other activities like going thrift store shopping, and hiking, and traveling. But he has totally disappeared! I thought we were going to have an overnight last Saturday. Now here it is Tuesday and he's dropped out of sight completely except for 2 short apology texts. It's just the weirdest thing! We had made all sorts of plans, like he was looking forward to a future with me. Maybe he's sick, maybe he is super busy at work, I don't know. Time will tell. I miss him, I miss the little "in jokes" we already had, I miss his long incredible hair.

I just thank the Universe that Punk appeared in my life and shows all signs of wanting a regular thing with me. Otherwise I'd be more upset about Hippie, who I really like, or liked, or whatever.

So, by the time we ate last night, it was 11pm and Punk headed home. I am assuming Old Friend is coming today, they said at 9:30am, to hang out, spend time together, and do work for their job while cross dressed. They've been dying for a femme day, and I am happy to provide a safe space. miss pixi and I are going to work on our Halloween costumes while Old Friend gets their work done.

I also need to text Darkwing and find out when exactly he is coming tomorrow night.

I had planned on a miss pixi day for Thursday, but the way things are going with Punk, maybe he will want to see me? I might as well see him again while he is off work this week, and seeming so eager to spend time together.
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