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FlameKat - you are so right ....I am mourning the loss of my husband...or at least the man I thought I married. At the same time I am happy I know, because we know each other and have a much stronger connection now

I hope when I am done mourning, a greater love emerges from within me for him and poly....that is my prayer.

Unicorn - My jealousy is for him, not her (I don't want her) although she is a nice person (or is tricky enough to have me believe she is)....she wants my husband and even hoped I would leave him when I found out about messed up is that? A home-wrecker is what she to me most of the time

The words ambivalence and compersion I need to look into. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and wisdom

I have a lot of thinking and resolving to do huh? I hope I didn't upset you with my reply xox
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