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Redpepper- I first want to apologize in advance. My anger is not directed to you at all....I hope you understand.

I will NEVER respect their betrayal-relationship If they need/want alone time.....they can have it....they are two grow people, I can't stop them....but they will NEVER have my blessing or support of it

I suffered postpartum (moderate case) after my babies were born. I was left at home with TWO....TWO infants.....while they were out screwing, laughing and loving He spent time with her and HER time with me and his new-borns As a woman, how could she even do it???? As a mother how could she have done what she did???? I have a deep deep hate for her because of this

She knew everything about us....she admitted it, she even hoped i would leave him when I found out about their affair....
I use to beg him not to leave me, having NO idea what he was up to, I explained my anxiety etc. But most-always he left me anyways Left me to be with her I hate him for that, and I am working really hard to forgive him, but I LOVE him. I don't love her like that, so you can only imagine what it is going to take to even begin to think about forgiving her

I know my hate towards her is a bit unfair....but life isn't fair at all right...because if it was I wouldn't be going through this....maybe it isn't unfair, a woman sleeping with a married man , knowing all the while her actions could destroy our family....what about my babies and their need for their father (what type of woman could be so selfish???)

Poly seems so wonderful....and in the future. When we do it the right way...I will give it my all to respect him and his other's time and relationship needs. But not HER with him. I will not....

If they want to be alone, they can go right ahead. It will hurt, but I will NOT be a part of it in the end. Why should I care about their well-being when they never considered mine....during a very fagile time in my life

I hate everything she represents

Again Redpepper...please KNOW that I genuine love your replies and support. You are truly a wonderfully intelligent being. Please continue to be honest with me and communicate. But I want to return to favor through my honesty in hopes I will not offend you xox

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