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Maybe some of us would be just a little more apt to seek out help and information here, and in groups such as these, if before you began to correct the way we were asking these questions, which are important enough for us to seek out help in established forums like this to begin with, that you actually paid a little more attention to what we were saying then in just how we were saying it? Breaking a few thousand years of patriarchal influence is certainly important, and I understand that, but I used to have a chiropractor that when I'd go to him for some severe pain would want me to explain first just how I came to be in pain, according to Conceptology and the Laws of the Mind, etc. I finally said, Doc, I'm in a lot of friggin' pain here, how about you give me the adjustment and THEN we can talk semantics, k?? I'm just saying.

And I apologize ahead of time if my pronouns were misplaced or misused, but I'm hoping you can appreciate the point regardless?
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