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Originally Posted by dmaustjr View Post
Hello friends,
Hello back at ya!

Originally Posted by dmaustjr View Post
I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this, but I don't see any better place so...
Actually, I think this is a great place to post this. We usually think of "media" in terms of "news media" or "social media" but art and entertainment "media" would apply as well. There are actually organizations that are trying to "get the word out" about poly/poly rights. You might want to check out the Polyamory Leadership Network for more people interested in discussing this. (Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with or particular knowledge of this group - I'm pretty much a anti-social non-joiner - but some folks are into this sort of thing.)

Originally Posted by dmaustjr View Post
I am a comedian and I am in a polyamorous relationship. Like many comedians I take my life experiences and turn them into humor for others to enjoy. Likewise I talk about subjects that are considered hot button or "taboo". As I'm sure many of you know comedians often make light of a serious subject to make people see how ridiculous the mainstream "popular" view is.
Nice job - using art and entertainment to inform and educate people about topics that they may have a strong (negative) reaction to in another setting. Hard to maintain "righteous indignation" when you are laughing your ass off.

Originally Posted by dmaustjr View Post
I am writing some material on my poly life and I would like to ask for some help from the poly community on what specific points should be addressed. If you had just 5-10 minutes a night to tell a captive audience of a few hundred people the most important things about the poly lifestyle and how ridiculous it is that it is so negatively viewed in our society, what would you tell them?
For me - I agree with your key points about explaining what poly means IN a poly relationship (not limiting love, regular issues with jealousy, etc.) - and yes, definitely leave the details about configurations and compersion to an audience that would appreciate that (say you do a routine at a poly Meet-Up or whatnot). But I would want to avoid the impression that you are trying to "convert" people to try poly for themselves (think of the reaction people have to the mythical "Gay Agenda")

My focus would be on a.) just exposing people to the fact that poly exists - and that poly DOESN'T = tyrannical, religious, child-marriage, forced polygamy b.) suggesting what they might DO with this new-found information - namely talking about it and being tolerant of it if they discover it in the world around them.

So - you tell your funny stories, you make them laugh, you let them see that poly people aren't evil monsters that want to steal their children - and most people leave the show thinking "Wow, that is SO not for me, but...whatever...why would I care how other people run their relationships? That's one funny, nice dude." Subtext - just because someone is gay/poly/kinky whatever - doesn't mean that they automatically want to do that with YOU - who cares if they do it with each other. Tolerance, man. Live and let live. (The people who hear you and might be interested in the concept for themselves now have a word that they can Google and find resources for themselves.)

Hope that was along the lines of what you were looking for.

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