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Originally Posted by Seekinganswer View Post
I still dont understand how one day Im full of compersion( like on our first meeting) and dont mind seeing them kiss and the next Im back to mono mode feeling left out of their circle.
Hey there is absolutely nothing wrong with mono mode. I don't know of many that are able to obtain and keep compersion after an affair... actually I don't think I know any. Just because you are struggling doesn't mean you are in someway inferior or less than anyone else. The fact that you are actually trying to get something out of this at all is what is amazing about you, not the speed in which you accomplish that. Even if you decide it's not for you, the attempts you have made to even see if you CAN get something out of your situation is amazing.

Originally Posted by Seekinganswer View Post
Someone compared this to an accident scene where the betrayed spouse remains rooted amidst the mangled metal and crash debris trying to piece everything together.
Very good way of seeing it. I agree. That will take a long time to sort out. Take all the time you need I say, and have them wait.

Have you been doing some reading on here? Especially the blogs. There are some good stories of peoples journeys and how they went from where you are to comfort and acceptance in their relationship with their partner who is poly.
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