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Glad it helped.

But what about taking some of those other paragraphs and attempting to put them in terms of wants, needs, and limits? Here's some of what I think I am hearing:
I feel fearful of being disrespected if my BF suddenly becomes a crazy flirt and flirts and picks people up in front of me.
  • I have a limit -- no picking people up in front of me or disrespectfully or choosing totally wrong people! (ie: no hitting on my mother! my boss!)

I feel fearful he will go crazy and find hookups at random and it will devalue our own relationship.
  • I have a limit -- relationships with other who I know and like and can respect would be negotiable, but random sex with strangers never!

I am afraid of going into the unknown and fearful he will forget agreements once "out there in poly dating world."

I do not know how he behaves in a polyship because we have not been there yet. To take a leap of faith that I will not be hurt by him intentionally or thoughtlessly based on past treatment of me in a different context -- a monoship? I need reassure and I need firm agreements for me to feel emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritual safe enough to go there.

I have a limit -- if agreements ans trust are broken the consequences will be...
  • 1) we handle "growing pains" level things like this... (how?)
  • 2) Major breeches (like these things) would result in (what? CLOSED? Broken up?)
He keeps on claiming that those people would be someone we know.
Great. Could be from exisiting pool IF they happen to be poly inclined. Or could make new friends and get to know them before broaching dating. Let's not pre-worry this to death here. He seems to be trying to reassure you that it would NOT be a random sex hook up weirdness so could just take the reassure as reassure. And not be feeding the anxiety wolf and going "Ahhh! WHO?" Try to feed the calm wolf more. The one that wins is the one you feed.

Take it one thing at a time -- you are in the process of taking fitness assessment.

His willingness AND fitness. Your willingness AND fitness. The relationship's willingness AND fitness.

Being willing to entertain the conversation is not being willing to GO THERE just yet. You can still say "NO. NOT FOR ME. It is a personal limitation, there I will not go with you."

Maybe the assessment time reveals that NO, not all 3 components are up to snuff so polyshipping right now is NOT the best time. So it's like "No, not at this time. THESE things would have to be resolved first before considering it again."

Do the work BEFORE hand to avoid pitfalls. There's also agreeing to trying on "a small tiny Opening" like a non-sexual coffee date. Then close back up to digest how that went. You do not have to OPEN UP FULL SPECTRUM right out of the gate, you know. If you decide to experiment.

Take it one thing at a time. Read, assess yourselves. If you DO decide to go there, do it WELL. Not all higgledy-piggledy.

This is your Life. YOU author your own life "Choose your Own Adventure" book as you live it. Choose well.


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