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Originally Posted by elle View Post

Enjoy falling in love!! Keep posting- I am also a woman with two men (both pretty mono men too) and I often wonder, does that sort of thing ever work out for long?
So, I'm not sure what all the terminology means, but does mono means that they like having you to themselves?

For our relationship, the co-worker likes having me more to himself but he isn't really jealous of my husband at all. He's completely okay with me having that relationship, but he wants those "alone times". While my husband would rather it be all of us together and doesn't really like the "alone times" that I really, really want to have. Not because I don't love my husband, but because sex and companionship is more sincere and fun that way. When it's all three of us together, it's very sex driven and less about the love aspect that I want and need to feel.

I really, really hope that it works. I mean, monogamous relationships do not work a lot of the time, so I don't think that being poly defines a failing marriage. I know that when we became swingers, we learned to communicate soooooo much better. We were able to be the people we really were and we're figuring out how to be poly in a monogamous driven country.
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