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It is interesting from an anthropological point of view to see just how much thread-jacking the normal public discourse causes. I feel like there is a whole other subject going on about mockery and moderation and civil behavior, when I just wanted to read about opinions on Hugh Hefner.

Ah well, at this point I'm contributing to the discourse too.

Reminds me of a bit in one of my all time favorite films, THE LIFE OF BRIAN, where a dozen or so members of a cult rebellion are just sitting around talking about what they need to do to save Brian (thought to be the Messiah). Saying things like "What we ought to do, is get off our bums and get out there and do something about it!" to which others who are sitting down respond, "yeah! I agree. We should stop talking about it endlessly, and get motivated and band together and go help Brian!" to which others sitting down say, "That's right! And we should do that before anything else we do." Again others than chime in to say, "Precisely! We must get up off our butts on a first priority basis and get out there and do something about it all!" Everyone says "Yeah!..." etc etc

And as you can guess this goes on for infinitum and they never actually rescue Brian. That's what letting people talk endlessly about nothing in these threads feels like to me. It's utterly useless, self-serving, self-validating, wasting of a valuable place to talk about the actual subjects of the threads. I mean I wouldn't want to discriminate but some of these chaps ought to be singled out and done something about. As I see, someone has already been reprimanded, and I think that's a step in the right direction.

NOW, regarding Hugh Hefner, on the one hand I do indeed he is a Polyamorist, but the following is worth noting at this point, when you are putting two and two together:
- He doesn't really have sex with them anymore. He just watches. His back is too bad, and the viagra he used to take to be ready caused high blood pressure and nearly cost him a stroke.
- He doesn't really attach himself to the girls very much. They are accoutrements. He's always happy because any bad behavior is reprimanded with either a warning, withholding weekly allowance, or being asked to leave his home permanently and later easily replaced by any of the girls waiting to make a big impression and be his sidekick.

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