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To much logic. There is no logic in any of this is there? If there is I wish someone would point it out. Having emotional attachments to this makes it far more complicated.

It just goes to show, poly theory is not the answer to everything. There are so many formulas to everything in poly as its so easy to think of it monogamously, but really, when it comes to mono/poly relationships there is really no answer.... don't do them would be my answer, but then I feel madly in love with you and couldn't help it and wasn't brave enough at the time to walk away. Neither were you.

I was hurt and broken and you washed the soot off my heart. Now I realize that I would of done both of us a favour if I had walked away. Thing is you needed me as much as I needed you and we both weren't able to walk away.... we have created an awesome life together all of us. Everything is complete... now there is just this one dilemma and I sometimes just can't shake it.

Its a good thing I am going back to work tomorrow. This introspection is sucking big time. Who knows though, maybe we will come up with an answer by the time we do our workshops as the two poly camps we are doing workshops at this summer...
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