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Originally Posted by Indigomontoya View Post
Essentially there is a dicotomy between men ane women in poly relationships. Men don't get that Valley of The Dolls fantasy played out; while women can get their own Valley of the (Ken) Dolls fantasy. It's the nature of the genders women in poly/open relationships will always have it easier.
I think what Indigo means is that from his perspective, men appeared to be throwing themselves at me when I was looking. While this is somewhat true, one must keep in mind the quality of said men.

The actual number of "dateable" men I found, was less than the number of ladies he is currently chatting with.

So, I must disagree with the Valley of (Ken) Dolls analogy. It's more like the Valley of the Dead. Zombies everywhere (moaning "bewwwwwwbs") with a few men left alive. Avoid the zombies, date the men.
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