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Hi Mindi - Lemondrop seems to have covered all the bases, but I wanted to throw in a guy's perspective for you too.

RE: pregnancy / beauty -- Ask your man again, tell him to give you his deep-down answer, not the top-level 'this is what she needs to hear' answer. Every male I know is positively ga-ga over his pregnant mate. Look, it's clearly related to evolutionary biochemistry: the males who were caring and attentive of their pregnant females had a better reproductive strategy. The genes related to those behaviors stayed around in the gene pool. So now most males are ga-ga over pregnant women. Yes, it's a simplistic argument, but little idea nuggets like this are easy for me to hang onto. YMMV.

RE: ...everything to do with me being broken... <begin tuff love> BULLSHIT! You are NOT broken! You have normal human emotions, but your bad experiences at 16 and as a child do color your emotions to the unhappy end of the spectrum. </end tuff love> Sorry for ranting, but that particular phrase "I'm broken" really gets up my nose. Your past is something that you should eventually drag out into the sunlight and let it dry up. That way it'll lose its hold over you.

Just an idea: have you been sharing your pregnancy with A.? Have you actually spent time together in person (you mention texting so I'm not sure)? Maybe she's even a bit envious of you!
Holee cow, as I re-read your posts, I'm thinking you two haven't had any "face time" together! Is it practical to do so? Do it! Set some ground rules like "this visit is just a meet and greet - nothing more will happen".

Remember, I'm just a male and we're all inherently obtuse so take my post with a grain of salt. Oh, wait - avoid salt if you're pregnant, that's right, it's a blood pressure thing...
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