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Can I ask, did you breastfeed at all? Did you lose any weight after you had your previous two children? I ask because one of the things that happened to me because of my disorder is that I couldn't lose weight even while breastfeeding. Also, I caught that you said you "failed" to lose the weight. It might be technically correct, but it also implies a judgement on yourself. Forgive yourself, give yourself permission to let go of the past, and move on. (By the way, I completely envy you--I haven't seen 150 lbs. for at least 15 years.)

I'm severely marked with stretch marks, over my entire torso. My husband calls them his tiger stripes. When I complain about them, he says they're his stretch marks, and that they're like marks of honor for having a baby.

I have to agree with GS--for a non-native speaker, your English is excellent.
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