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Default New girl needing help...


My husband and I have been married for a year, and together for five years. We have been dabbling (spelling?) in the world of poly for a while, mostly because I am bisexual. Well three months ago, we hit a very hard moment and we *almost* split up. We are back on the right track now.

My husband happened to meet this girl who is interested in a relationship with both of us. I know that she is sweet, as I talk to her all day everyday through texts. As does he. She is a perfect fit for our family, but the problem lies in me.

I was raped when I was 16, for a year, by my stepfather, I also went through extreme emotional abuse as a child. Well this new girl, we will call her A is a very skinny, beautiful woman. My insecurites are popping up and really making it hard for me, it causes tears daily. I am pregnant so that probably is playing a role.

I really dont want my insecurites to ruin this relationship. A is the most understanding person I have ever met. She keeps talking me through some of my problems but it seems like they keep popping up. Its VERY early into this. I need to seriously get my self worth issues under control.

Any advice?
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