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Default New (Maybe), Scared, Looking for info and Advice.

Hello, I am Mark from Houston,Tx.
(Back Story)
I have been with my wife for 15 years with one beautiful, intellegent daughter. About a year ago my wife suggested that we attempt swinging. We tried it once and it went horribly wrong. It took us many months to recover, and at times it did not seem like we would.

Now she has connected with a long lost friend that is poly and my wife got interested in it. She has been talking to her for a while now about it and I have no one to talk to, I do not want to involve my friends. She thinks it will help our relationship grow if we see other people. But in our 15 years together we have become comfortable with each other, so much that we have neglected, and have become blind to each others needs. She wants the new factor, to play the game (dating).

I used to never believe in love at first site, but then I saw my wife for the first time, leaned over to my brother and said that I would marry her.

Only out of my big scared heart and undying love for her am I agreeing to let her have what she wants. Scared that if I don't she will do it anyway and not keep me informed. As much as I love her, I am also scared that she may put someother man on the same level that I am.

I am also scared that while she has a relationship I will not and just be watching theirs bloom.

I am a Libra man needing my scales to be balanced, and right now they are not. I do not feel that we are in a good enough place to begin this journey.

Please advise,
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